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Zeven Oerlandschappen gebaseerd op zeven gedichten van Rik van Leeuwen.
Dit project is als boek verkrijgbaar voor 12,50 en is hier
te bestellen.



imagine a cold place of twilight and slumber
and dormant black woods on a white bed of snow
where cold morning mist is concealing a pathway
along which faint lights stand as frozen in time

now taste the fog and embrace the cold air
for undoubtedly you are already there



Lantern Post 60/120 cm

Lantern Post

a song of clarity, voice between the trees

light of serenity, an eye pervades the fog

fills your core with credulous joy

and lures you into frozen words

instilling its name in recollections

of your former presence there

and like a fly drawn to the light, you stumble ever closer

suspicion nor presentiment could reach your frozen mind

as deafened by white whisperings of cold clandestine snow

a gloom-indulging coldness bears you further down within

we often saw you find a road

to guide you to the Lantern Post

but then the fog comes closing in

an eye it shuts, the light goes out

and all is lost again